What's Really Aging You: Information and Prevention

You can't prevent aging unless you know the things that are causing you to age. Learn the ropes and you can help turn back the clock and prevent future damage from appearing for resurgence in a younger, healthier you.

Major Ager: Slowdown of Stem Cells

The Effect: Damage from Stress

Stem cells are powerful tools that play a key role in how your body recovers from stress. At every stage of life, the body does damage control by recruiting stem cells. For instance, when you smoke, stem cells are rushed to your lungs to repair the damage; when you get sunburn, stem cells head there to help repair. The problem is, stem cells are lost as we age, whether by using them to repair damaged organs or because they're damaged by toxins like free radicals. The result leaves us vulnerable to stress-related conditions. Resurgence products offer tons of good-for-you ingredients to help your skin win the battle of premature aging.

Major Ager: Neurotransmitter Imbalance

The Effect: Emotional Issues like Depression, Sleeps Problems, and Cognitive Decline

The neurotransmitters in your brain are in the business of sending and receiving messages that help dictate how you act and feel. Neurotransmitters are the messengers that your brain uses to communicate to the rest of your body. As we age, our brains actually shrink, and you lose some of the neurotransmitters; this loss has been linked to emotional issues, such as depression, as well as cognitive abilities, such as how well you sleep. And as we've learned by now, poor sleep can lead to a whole plethora of issues for our skin, from undereye circles to puffiness and uneven tone. The good news, however, is that food, exercise and sleep works as dials on the neurotransmitter radio, regulating how you feel from day to day and hour to hour, and ca therefore have a profound impact on the emotional side of aging.

Major Ager: Declining Defenses

The Effect: A Weak Immune System

When most people think of the word infection, they picture green mucous oozing from our nostrils, but when in terms of aging, acute infections like the cold and flu are important, but so are chronic infections and the behind the scenes inflammatory responses in your body that age your entire system. In fact, much of the aging process is a side effect of defense mechanisms that re body ahs designed. A tired and overworked immune system causes chronic inflammation in the body, which increases the risk of mutations that can lead to cancer, among other things. It's important to be mindful of our bodies and give our skin a few extra defenses in the arsenal to help combat the effects of environmental agers, like free radicals. Check out the long line of products from skin care companies to assist you on the road to beautiful skin.