Summertime Skincare Tips

Have you started pulling out your shorts, tanks and swimsuits? Just like your wardrobe needs a makeover come summertime, so does your skincare routine. Here are a few ways you can revamp your regimen to make it season-appropriate.

  1. Review your skincare regimen and make necessary changes. As temperatures rise, the complexion gets oilier. Even if your skin is normally dry or combination, you may need a lightweight moisturizer for summer. If you have very oily skin, you may want to consider switching to a serum. Serums are lightweight and deliver a super-dose of ultra- nourishing ingredients. Oily types should also consider using a mattifying gel, which can control oil for the entire day. Dry or combination skin types, may find matte gels too drying. Instead, banish extra shine by keeping blotting papers tucked in your bag or use a primer before makeup. You should also re-evaluate beauty products. If you use a hydrating makeup during cold weather, you may not need it for summer. Instead, a sheer dusting of powder, blush or bronzer with a lip gloss may be the perfect solution. For summer, simple is always the way to go.
  2. Try a hydrating treatment. After a long, cold winter, skin is always starving for some relief. Consider a deep hydrating mask or cleansing treatment. You can make your own DIY version using a 1/2 cup of unripened, diced papaya, 1 tsp of yogurt and 1 tsp of honey.
  3. Be diligent about SPF. When the weather warms up, be sure to apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before walking out the door, and reapply every two hours. Try using a product such as a facial moisturizer containing an SPF to cut down on product overload.
  4. Get a wide-brimmed hat. In addition to sunscreen, it's smart to invest in a hat to protect your face, scalp and hair. Just as the sun dries out the face, it also wreaks havoc on your mane, leaving hair dull and brittle. Also, exposing the scalp to the sun's rays can result in a painful sunburn. A hat will also help provide protection against overheating.
  5. Treat acne with increased heat and perspiration, pores can easily become clogged and acne can appear in the most unlikely areas around the body. To treat it, try a medicated acne treatment cleanser that has benzoyl peroxide. Using an exfoliating scrub a few times a week can also help prevent body acne. Exfoliating too often, however, can irritate skin making your condition worse. If you have severe breakouts, try consulting a dermatologist for acne medication options.
  6. Use a self-tanner. Before summer officially begins, some people start working on a "base" in hopes of fending off damage once they start spending time outside. In reality, there's no such thing as a safe tan. Instead, fake your way to bronzed beauty with a self-tanner.