Top 10 Auto Repair Scams

auto repair

Owning a vehicle usually comes with a couple of hassles. A vehicle, being something mechanical, definitely requires that occasional servicing. The problem with servicing however is the fact that you have to be very careful when dealing with vehicle mechanics. There are many mechanics out there who are completely honest, auto repair Culver City or Oil Change West LA and mercedes repair west los angeles has the most trusted and honest mechanics in town. The problem of dishonesty lies with only a few mechanics, who spoil the name for the rest. Here are the top 10 auto repair scams that are common among dishonest mechanics who may want to rip you off.

10. More repairs required : You may have taken your car to be repaired for certain problem only to be told that there are several other problems within your car. This is usually a scam to get you to pay more for a single repair service.

9. You need a new fuel injector if you have already exceeded 15,000 miles: This is a scam played by crook mechanics to get you to pay for a fuel injector system. Note that as long as your car consumes quality fuel, you do not have to ever replace its injector system.

8. Your oil needs to be changed : This is a famous scam in which the mechanics, upon examining your car, immediately identify the problem. However, instead of informing you about the problem, they get you to think that your oil needs to be changed, prompting you to pay for it.

7. Your car needs some new parts: A scam mechanic lies to you that one of your car parts is worn out and you will therefore be required to replace it with a new one. You then end up paying for a part that does not get changed at all.

6. Changing your tires : You need to be on the lock out when your car has new tires. This is because some mechanics may replace your new tires with used ones and later sell them.

5. Cutting you axle boots : Some mechanics, due to being desperate to make money, even go as far as intentionally cutting the rubber from your axle boots. They then lie that it is worn out, so as to get you to pay for new ones.

4. You should replace your air filter as you do an oil change : This is a common lie among mechanics. However, your air filter should only be changed about twice every year or after 15,000 miles. Doing it often than that is just wasting money.

3. "We are going to do a free alignment check" : This is an offer that mechanics make so as to lie to you that your car has all sorts of alignment problems. In the long run, they make buy unnecessary parts.

2. Your transmission fluid will never need to be changed : This is a lie to get you to buy a certain transmission fluid from the mechanic. However, the transmission fluid needs to be changed after about 80,000 miles.

1.Cheap vehicle parts : There are many mechanics out there who will always sell cheap vehicle parts. However, the quality of such parts is always compromised.